Weekend getaway in Bhubaneswar

Across the eastern coastline of India lies a city called Bhubaneswar, Odisha which is incidentally the capital city of Odisha which is a state of the Indian republic. Usually a slow paced city with planned distribution of habitation, the city boasts of its temples. Bhubaneswar houses a plethora of temples dedicated to various Hindu gods and goddesses, so it’s also called as temple city. Being strategically located, the city serves as a base point for inward tourists to plan their itinerary. Many use Puri, Odisha for this purpose too because of its religious significance due to the Jagannatha Temple and also due to cost effective accommodation.

However for those who wish to have some extra comfort to relax and satiate their culinary appetite, can choose to check into a luxury hotel in Bhubaneswar.

There are various star properties available for tourists to choose, based on their budgets. Mayfair Lagoon is one luxury hotel which I always gave least preference going by its looks from outside. Until recently when I stayed there for a few days.

The ambience inside the hotel is world class. Built in a cottage/resort format, it has villa type accommodation. The best part is the greenery inside the resort which has been created over a long time. Across the corridors, you find artefacts, statues and fountains which add some contrast to the rustic nature look. Best part is the whole place is maintained well and it’s very clean.

For culinary lovers, the resort houses various restaurants with world cusine, local delicacies to an Irish pub. Lazy bugs can relax with a drink across the swimming pool surrounded by greenery. Quality of food is great (though quite highly priced!).

It also has recreational facilities too for those interested. But I never used, so no idea about them.

Mayfair Lagoons is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway for local travellers to relax and spoil themselves! For international tourists, the resort offers an opportunity to explore Bhubaneswar and it’s surroundings, with sacrificing the comfort & luxury.

I have no connection with the hotel. The blog is just for sharing of experience. Its website has detailed and beautiful illustrations, along with further details about the hotel.


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