Come, let’s celebrate “Music”

Today is celebrated as World Music Day and people across the globe are celebrating that sweet sensation called “Music”. Everyone from an expert to a novice can’t just keep himself aloof from this wonderful gift of nature. Yes, you heard it right. Music comes from nature too. One needs to have the ears to listen to music that nature plays. The waves in the sea, cool breeze caressing the leaves, shower of rain – they all play some king of music.

Will not go into the technicalities as I am no expert in that. Music for me is that soothing sensation which relaxes your body and mind. Music is beyond the barriers like language or religion, it is something that just cheers you up and lifts your spirit. Be it the retro songs from Bollywood, some folk song from the remote villages, some western classical or some soulful Sufi song. All of them have the same effect, they touch the soul. In today’s stressful lifestyle, when both body as well as mind get exhausted, everyone looks for an avenue to unwind. Listening to some nice music or playing a musical instrument for me is one such avenue which recharges the soul. I am sure there would many among you who also share the same feelings.

So friends, let’s celebrate this day by taking time out and listening to those favorite songs or by playing that musical instrument which you had somehow kept aside…


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