DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Here’s my entry for this week’s photo challenge by Daily Post which is about the theme “Symmetry“….

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace

The palace in this photograph is from Mysore which belongs to the royal family. It’s size and grandeur is mind-boggling. Symmetry can be seen the structures which are in equal numbers on either side of the central structure.

Sun Temple, Konark
The Sun Temple, Konark

The Sun temple at Konark is one more example of traditional architecture. You can see on both sides of the staircase, there are similar structures (horse figurine and a small statuette) which creates a balancing symmetry.

The Duomo
Duomo de Milano

The massive Duomo de Milano is so huge that it was really difficult to catch the whole structure in one frame using a simple digital camera. But the typical Roman forms of architecture can be seen on both sides of the central structure. Perfect in symmetry.

Udaipur Palace
Udaipur Palace

Last but not the least the royal palace of Udaiput has typical Rajasthani architecture. The central structure which is also called “Jharokha” has equal number of windows on both sides. Symmetry of structures here again.

Symmetry is an integral part of architecture and can be seen being used all over the world to create harmony among structures. Symmetry stands for harmony, for balance.


8 thoughts on “DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

  1. Lovely interpretation on this week’s challenge. Stunning architecture and what grand buildings. I like the third one – that building sort of looks fierce with the tall, pointy towers 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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