Re-constructing “In time”

You remember the Justin Timberlake starrer movie “In time”? The concept of the movie caught my attention at once.

In Time
In Time
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Let me refresh a little about the plot of the movie that moves around the “time-is-currency system”, which is established as a means of population control. But with advances in anti-aging processes, people were still surviving. Inflation and lower ‘wages’ were designed to keep the population in control. A person can stop ageing at 25, but after that one is genetically engineered to live only one year extra. Time is the medium of exchange to buy things and get paid at work. Once your time runs out, you are dead. The poor live in ghettos struggling for their daily share of time, while the rich in the New Greenwich zone are almost immortal with huge stock of time in their accounts. Though she was born in the richest family, Sylvia (lead actress of the movie) never got the chance to live her life as per her wish. Will (Timberlake) who lives in a ghetto, struggling to survive on daily basis gets huge time credit from a friend whom he meets in a bar. I am sure you must be re-living the movie by now.

Well, hold your horses now and come back. Let’s change the theme from “Time-is-currency” to “Data-is-currency”. We live in a world where information flows on the highway of data. So it would be apt to replace “Time” with “Data” in the plot of “In time”. I did that in my imagination and couldn’t stop being amused at the transformation. How about the genetic engineered people with one GB data to live for an extra year after they are 25! While you are driving on a highway, you transfer few MB of data to the toll booth. In a restaurant, you pay for a meal in exchange for a few MB of data. The rich in the posh New Greenwich zone having data reserve of millions of TB, enough to be virtually immortal. The time keepers are now data keepers. Things are falling into place? Well well well… Re-constructing the story with the new idea would be great. May be an idea for the sequel of “In time”!

Acknowledgement: for the Cover photo and plot synopsis


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