With a strong inclination towards “Physics”, we a bunch of friends in my class were avid chemistry-haters, consistently during studies.  We always thought Physics was always a superior subject and way ahead of its peer chemistry. Organic chemistry especially was not our cup of tea as there are many things in this subject which need to be gulped (or what we used to call as “mugging”). But if we were to get through the examinations, we need to pass in the paper. So there was no option but surrender before the professor who taught Organic chemistry. As if he was expecting, the professor with a smile on his face said he would give some expert tips which was specifically designed for people like us.

One evening after the college hour, the professor summoned us to his cabin for the session. Drawing a big picture of “C” depicting the structure of “Carbon”, he explained the world of Organic chemistry which revolves around the basis element: Carbon. The explanations were logical and was like some mathematical formula to understand the otherwise complex-for-us chemistry. With the basics cleared, the subject became bit clear so that we could make it with passing marks in the examinations.

Although all efforts were put to stay clear of chemistry in future life, you can’t escape from what destiny has planned for you. Gradually we got involved deeply in the subject we loathed so much so that few of us (including me) finally ended up with careers which involve hardcore chemistry. With time, the abhorrence for chemistry has reduced with a deeper understanding about the subject. Usually what we were taught in our studies have very less significance in our day to day life. But it’s a bit different in case of Chemistry. From petroleum to food, from cosmetics to medicines, we encounter with a bit of chemistry everywhere. So much so that even the relationship between two people is also called “Chemistry”! There is a little bit of chemistry in almost every aspect of our lives. So now chemistry is no more a mystery.


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