Kerala, one of the southern states in India is blessed by mother nature. The state boasts of a coastline almost running across its length, abundant green cover, hill stations with tea plantations and huge spread of backwaters. If you drive across the countryside, the roads are lined up with either the tea plantations or spice gardens. You can virtually smell the aroma of raw spices. Truly called as “God’s own country”.

During a visit to Kerala few years back, we got the opportunity to stay onboard the houseboats. We started from Kumarakom which is famous for backwater tourism. The houseboats are literally like a resort on water, equipped with all modern amenities.

Our boat had 2 air-conditioned cabins for guests with all modern amenities, a dining area, kitchen and the best part was small cushioned sitting space along the edges of the boat. The experience of sitting there and watching the boat cutting through the water on the Vembanad lake is mesmerising.

Vembanad Lake
Sprawling backwaters: Vembanad Lake

The continuous stretch of coconut trees along the coast, add to the beauty further.

Coconut grooves
Coconut grooves along the coast

Once onboard, the guests are taken care of by the very professional crew. Food served on the houseboat are freshly prepared in the kitchen aboard. The food can be customised as per the culinary tastes of the guests. We preferred to go for the traditional Keralite cuisines, you know “when you are in Rome, act like Romans”. After ferrying for the whole day on the sprawling water, the houseboat was docked at one place for taking rest overnight near a small village. We watched the birds on their way back to their nests, sun going down.

Nostalgic feelings.


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