Light… Shadow…. and Effects….

I had to put some time and serious thoughts before I selected the photograph as my entry for the Photography 101: Mystery theme. Looking at the response, I would say I was broadly successful in creating some “Mystery” using special effects with light and shadow. Do you also feel so?

Now without making any more suspense, I put here the original photograph along side the modified one. So here it goes.





Mystery is curiosity mixed with imaginations. Light and shadow effect (thanks to the app “Fotor” on App Store) changes the perception completely. The photograph is of Basilica of Bam Jesus in Old Goa, India. This beautiful church is also a UNESCO heritage site. You can find out more about the monument from the link to wiki above. The serenity and greenery in the surrounding area complement to the beauty of the church.

Camera is a wonderful discovery by mankind. If the person behind the lens is artistic enough then magic is created. I am always impressed by renowned directors who have the eyes of a photographer. Predominantly by Spielberg and Cameroon who play with light to impart the effect in the scene. Movies like ET, Avatar etc wouldn’t be epic without these talented people’s imaginations. There is one light and sound show in the Universal Studios, Singapore (My post: Universal Studios, Singapore) which is the brainchild of Spielberg, the master director. One should watch it to know how special effects are created only by manipulation of light and sound.


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