One of my posts “The Dilemma within” was about the dilemmas we face when asked to speak to an audience. Sure you would have faced such feelings at least once in your life. Interestingly situation is quite similar when it comes to the matter of writing something.

Our minds works faster than the super computers, always full of thoughts & ideas. Mind is a like a volcano ready to erupt at any moment. How easy is it to put those thoughts into words and write an article or a blog post? For some, it is piece of cake. But for many like me, it is a dilemma. The are many obstacles/hesitance that come in the way before we overcome the inertia and write our first blog, story or article. There are many questions which come to mind like “who would care to read about what I write”, “when do I have the time to write something” etc etc. I am sure some of the fellow bloggers would have gone through this phase at least once.

The interesting part is once the inertia is gone, writing is as natural as talking to someone in person. In some of the sessions by The Daily Post, one is required to write non stop for 10 minutes and shouldn’t edit anything before posting. All those reluctant genius waiting there to be inspired should take this assignment. The inertia will be gone.

Once the inertia is gone, the second hurdle is continuity. What do I write in my second blog? Well for that read the blogs of others. Follow some bloggers out there. Some might inspire you and touch your literary nerve. Join some blogging site like Indiblogger (this is where I posted my first blog to an audience). Believe me there are people out there who would read your blog, appreciate it and leave comments for improvements. Such sites also provide you ideas or topics on which one can write a blog.

When I look at my first blog and the latest one, I could see the evolution (PS: I still consider myself a “Baby Blogger”!). During this journey, I was guided by many with suggestions to improvements.  Today my blog-page has a whole new look, thanks to the guided sessions by WordPress called “Blogging 101“.

Blogging is a gateway for one to unwind and express himself in a creative way. And there is an audience out there looking for something new, something fresh. Also fellow bloggers to help you evolve. So put on your thinking hat, pick up the gear and start writing. Don’t be a reluctant blogger. Happy blogging!



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