Photography 101: Solitude

This post is part of the Photography 101 session by WordPress, based on the theme “Solitude”.

Photography 101 sessions are definitely forcing us to think from our eyes and look through our hearts. Do you also feel so? The themes are so personal and make you do some serious thinking before writing a post. Solitude so far has been associated with privacy, some exclusive time one should have with himself/herself. Technically it should be “Soul”-itude as during this time, one gets a chance to interact with the soul.

Being an avid nature lover, I find solitude when I am up-close and personal with nature in any form. Be it the sea, the mountains, the river banks. This photograph is taken in Vagator beach, Goa, India taken during the monsoons. Looking across a never-ending see with clouds looming over, greenery all around and heavenly breeze caressing your body. For a moment, you are a nobody, lost in your own thoughts. “Soul”-itude?

Solitude at Goa, India
Monsoon in Goa, India

Photograph Specs


Color space: RGB

Color profile: Generic RGB Profile

Focal length: 9.11

Exposure time: 1/178

Your comments/suggestions are most welcome.

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