Photography 101: Water

This post is part of the Photography 101: Water session by WordPress, based on the theme “Water”.

Water otherwise called life, is the most important element for survival of living-beings after air. Three fourth of the World is covered with water. An essential part in our life in a colourless and odourless (is it really now???) liquid substance.

Whenever I look at  the sea, it gives me a feeling as if it’s the mirror for the sky. Watching reflection of various shades of the sky on the surface of the sea is simply enchanting. My personal favourite is the shade of the dusk. As the day comes to an end, the colourful ripples on the water surface and the slowly sinking sun makes me philosophical. The ripples feel like happenings in our life and the sinking sun is symbolic of the hope/belief that tomorrow will be as eventful as today.

Water: Mirror of the Sky
Water: Mirror of the Sky

This photograph taken in the beach of Chandipur, Odisha, India hopefully put my feelings into picture.

Photograph Specs

Camera: iPhone 4

Color space: RGB

Color profile: Generic RGB Profile

Focal length: 3.85

Exposure time: 1/1774

Your comments/suggestions are most welcome.

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