Photography 101: Bliss

This post is part of the Photography 101 session by WordPress, based on the theme “Bliss”.

Bliss is a feelings which is a mixture of happiness, peace & contentment. One gets such feeling from being in company with friends, family. Some (like me) get the feeling even being close to the nature. One such blissful moment in my life which I could capture in my camera, was on the rocky banks of the river Ganges just at the foothill of the mighty Himalayas near Rishikesh, India. After a hectic day of river rafting and an afternoon siesta, sitting on a rock and devouring the beauty of nature is priceless. The sweet sound of water flowing through the rocks, cool mountain breeze and mixed smell of the flora & fauna…. Pure bliss!

Banks of the Ganges at Rishikesh
Banks of the Ganges
Rishikesh, Himalayas, India

Photograph Specs


Color space: RGB

Color profile: Generic RGB Profile

Focal length: 10.8

Exposure time: 1/544

Your comments/suggestions are most welcome.

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