Walk through Zurich

Zurich is a major city in Switzerland connecting the country to various parts of the World, by air as well as trans-national trains to the European countries.

Here’s an attempt to take you through the city, look at the marvels through the lens of my camera.

Central Train Station, Zurich
Central Train Station, Zurich

The “Limat” river criss-crosses through the city and almost divides the city into half.

Model of Zurich city
Model of Zurich city
River Limat flows through the city
River Limat, Zurich

The city boasts of 1200 fountains delivering round the clock water which is absolutely drinkable. Though the fountains are quite old, the water is safe for drinking.

Fountain in the city
One of the fountains in the city

Few major attractions in the city are the Townhall, Police headquarters, Lime Tree Court & the largest clock of Switzerland.

Zurich Town Hall
Town Hall, Zurich

The side of the Town hall in this picture used to be the fish market. Sculptors of fishes can be seen on the wall of this side of the monument. The other side is the vegetable market and you are right: the wall on the other side depicts figures of vegetables.

Zurich Police Headquarters
Paintings inside the Police Headquarters, Zurich
Zurich Police Headquaters
More paintings inside the Police Headquarters, Zurich

The most unusual place to find splendid paintings is the Zurich City Police Headquarters. One can’t believe unless he sees for himself.

Lime tree court
Lime Tree Court, Zurich

Romans used to have open air courts called “Lime Tree Court” which resembles a massive garden of Lime trees. Being on top of a hillock, this place gives a nice view of the river “Limat” from top.

Biggest clock in Switzerland
Biggest clock in Switzerland

This is the biggest clock of Switzerland. One movement of the minute hand of the clock is equal to 45 Centimeters.

Boating on LImat river
Boating on LImat river
Boating on LImat river
View of the city from LImat river
Boating on LImat river
Boating on LImat river







Boating facility is available on the river “Limat” which gives a panoramic view of the magnificent city of Zurich.

Lone Wanderer recommends a walking tour of the city followed by a boat ride on the river “Limat” to have glimpse of the marvelous blend of the culture & beauty.


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