Basel: The city

Basel is the third most prominent city of Switzerland (after Zurich & Geneva); situated at the meeting point of Swiss, French & German border. There’s an airport in the city which connects to the nearest airport in Zurich which in turn is the pathway to rest of the world. However the nearest airport which connects the city to rest of the world is Zurich which less than an hour’s train ride from Basel. The first monument that would mesmerise you upon embarking is the train station which is packed with artistic extravagance.


Train station of Basel
Train Station, Basel

The beauty of city is enhanced with beautiful walkways in addition to lush greenery. You may bump into statuettes like this while walking through the splendid countryside.

Beautiful Walkway in Basel
Beautiful Walkway
Statuette in Countryside in Basel
Statuette in Countryside

The city is almost divided in two parts by the Rhine river which flows through it. The bridge over river Rhine was constructed by Bishop Heinrich von Thun in 1225-1226.

The Rhine River
The Rhine river

From atop the bridge, you get a glimpse of the Cathedral of Basel (locally known as Munster Basel). Made from red Sandstone and coloured tiles on the roof, one can notice the cathedral even from distance. The two towers and cross shaped intersection of the roof is the highlight of the Munster Basel which is listed as a heritage site in Switzerland.

Cathedral of Basel
Cathedral of Basel (The Munster Basel)

Located at the centre of the city is the famous Markplatz (meaning “Market Place” in English) which is the market place for vegetables, fruits and flowers. One can notice at this square a brick red building which is the town-hall (Rathaus).

Town Hall, Markplatz
Town Hall at Markplatz

Basel which is known to be the cultural capital of Switzerland boasts of some of the famous museums and theatres. The historical museum of Basel is the largest which showcases the rich culture and architecture of upper Rhine.

Basel Historical Museum
Historical Museum of Basel

The Basel theatre is the venue for various activities like plays, musical events round the year to the delight of artists & music lovers from around the world.

Basel Theatre
Basel Theatre

The Basel Carnival which takes place in the month of February/March every year is considered to be a major cultural festival of Europe. Carnival is the celebration of light, music and art which is eagerly awaited by revellers from all over Europe.

Basel Carnival
The Colourful Basel Carnival

Europe is crazy of soccer, how can the Swiss be left alone? Basel has a major Soccer stadium which hosts matches for the delight of the crazy fans.

Soccer stadium
Stadium in Basel: Soccer fan’s delight

Apart from the art & culture, Basel is also significant in terms of a business hub because of its chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Messe Basel is the largest exhibition site sprawling over an area of 141000 Sq meters. This is one of the biggest in Europe.

Messe Basel Exhibition site
Messe Basel: Exhibition site

My recommendation is for the art & music lovers to spend some quality time in Basel, soak in the rustic Swiss flavor of life. One can also taste some of the finest wines from the local stores which have a variety of wines of French, Italian wines to choose from.


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