Do you remember the first time someone asked you to stand up in front of a gathering and say something? May be something as simple as a few words about yourself. Suddenly there’s a strange sensation. Goosebumps, throat goes dry, legs start shaking and there are cramps inside the stomach. The mind which is otherwise pregnant with many thoughts and thoughts, suddenly goes blank. Even the most introvert person would at least find a modest set of words at least for his own introduction. But the sudden lull inside makes find no words. It is an embarrassing feeling. Needs a few seconds to regain the composure.

I remember my first instance when I made the maiden speech, in front of an audience. After a bit of fumbling, the first sentence that came out was “Hi, how are doing?” The first step was put before a thousand mile walk. The step that relieved me a bit and brought back the mind-body co-ordination. Suddenly few familiar faces could be seen in the audience who until some time back was like a group of aliens! The eye contact helped further and made time for composing the next sentence. But the translation of thoughts to words still was not smooth yet. Taking brief pause and smiling back at few eager listeners in the audience did the rest of the magic. And there I was, in my normal self. It was like as if I was chatting with a group  of friends. Suddenly the dilemma that had held my mind as hostage was gone. I am sure many of us have gone through this phase in their lives.


2 thoughts on “The Dilemma within

  1. Yes, many can identify with this.
    Even seasoned personalities face this each time & every time they make a public speech/appearance.
    Key is to go ahead with confidence 🙂

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