Why I read Mediacrooks

We live in an age where accessibility to information is much easier than what it was probably a few years back. Now you may consider it a merit or disadvantage depending on how you consume them. Going through the information, comprehending and then drawing the conclusion. The whole process is so dynamic and changes with time. So a decision, good or bad can be a relative thing.

Considering media as a major source of information, many (almost all) of us believed to what was being shown and told to us. But off late with the introduction of Social Media to our lives, we have started looking at these information from different perspectives. Same piece of information can be conveyed differently if the motives are different. Fortunately we have various options to validate them and use our own logic to draw our own conclusions. Why many like me look up to the blogs from people like @mediacrooks is because his creations see the light of the day after a lot of homework and research about the topic (At least I believe so). This saves a lot of time and energy for the reader and usually such blogs are information presented in platter. They are often open ended which compel a serious reader to seek further details about the topic.

However any sane reader not necessarily has to agree with message that has been conveyed by the author. They have the option of either validate that information and draw their own conclusions. Google, wiki and the list goes on for the tools that can help one do so. The other option is challenging the author back. But this option would require equally meticulous research and collection of information to support his/her point. Half-hearted or lame challenges may not hold ground for long against the seasoned blogger who destroys the challenger soon quite mercilessly (literally).


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