It was a November morning, the winters had set in. I was in the holy town of Haridwar with my friends out on a pleasure trip. The overnight train journey had made us little tired but the early morning chill was refreshing. After dropping the baggage in the hotel, we just rushed to Har ki peedhi to have a dip in the eternal Ganga. The water was too chill which will discourage you in all possible way to take a dip. Ultimately the conscience wins over mind. But the best part comes immediately after you come out after the dip. You are mesmerised by both the fragrance and scenery around you. There is a mixed scent of morning fog, smell of camphor balls used for morning aartis, smell of incense sticks and fresh flowers. All these fragrances mixed together with the early morning chants coming out from the temple, takes one very close to the divine power. Indeed a perfect setting to devour the serenity of the place which is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. While writing about it, I can still smell the unique mixture of fragrance.


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