The recent instance in Chennai where a heart was donated by a not-so-fortunate to one fortunate is a real story of humanity. Every one in the process showed the supreme form of humanity which is commendable.
To start with the parents of the deceased who were ready to donate the organs of their child. God give them the strength to get over the irreparable loss.

The doctors at both hospitals who played the saviours for the patient who survives. The coordinated effort in terms of keeping the patient ready to accept the new heart on time till their counterparts make the organ ready for transplant.
Even the ambulance driver also did his bit in the best way possible by covering the distance in record time. One can imagine the turmoil he would be going through during the hectic process.

Last but not the least the traffic control administration. These guys need a big appreciation for what they have done. Holding back an otherwise busy traffic for the ambulance to pass, is a mammoth job.
Someone very truly said when there’s a will, there is a way. The strongest bond that holds mankind with fellow beings is humanity. The whole of above episode wouldn’t have been possible unless everyone in the process had a heart.
Wish speedy recovery to the surivor. She has got a second life.
Prayers for the departing soul. Condolences with the grieving family.
Big salute to each and every one who was involved in the process. Guys, you have set an example of the best of humanitarian efforts. Hats off!


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