The story of Neela Madhaba

< p dir="ltr" style="text-align:left;"> After the battle of Mahabharata came to end, Gandhari was mourning over her eldest son Duryodhan. She was furious with Lord Krishna as he didn't agree to her requests to avert the war and the subsequent catastrophe. In the feat of rage, she cursed Krishna that he will die after 36 years along with this kins who would die fighting... Continue Reading →

Bijubabu: An able son of Odisha

Biju Pattnaik is a popular name at home as well as internationally. More than a politician he is remembered for his daredevil acts as a professional pilot. Fondly called "Bijubabu', he is considered a stalwart and pride of Odisha. Born in 1916 in Odisha, Bijubabu was fascinated by airplanes from school days. So he discontinued his graduation studies in Ravenshaw and joined for training... Continue Reading →

Asurgarh: History Untold

Since the Chalcolithic period, forts were being strategically constructed for protection of life and properties of the inhabitants. There is mention about fortification in the ancient texts like Arthshastra and Manasara . Many sites like Harappa & Mahenjodaro also had implemented fortification. As per Rig veda, "Durga" means a fort or a strong hold. There are innumerable references about... Continue Reading →

Bali Harachandi: Tourist’s Delight

Odisha is blessed with a vast coastline and several rivers get into the Bay of Bengal across it. There are many fantastic beaches which are delight for the tourists. After the Chandipur beach, my favourite is the Bali Harachandi beach. The main attraction of the latter is the vast secluded stretch of sea beach on... Continue Reading →

Kharavela: The Legend

Aira Maharaja Mahameghavahana Kharavela (193 BC - 170 BC) was one of the greatest kings of ancient India. The main source of information about this great ruler is his seventeen line rock cut at Hati Gumpha cave in the Udaygiri hills near Bhubaneswar, Odisha. According to the inscriptions, Kharavela belonged to the Chedi clan. He possessed many... Continue Reading →

Podagada: History Untold

Introduction About 52km away from Nabarangpur, a small town in the southern part of Odisha; there is a historical monument called "Podagada" (Ruined Fort). Apart from the sculptures, ruined fort temples & coins, the rock inscriptions in Brahmi at this place, speak about the Nala rulers who rose to prominence during 6th Century AD. In... Continue Reading →

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